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Building, developing, restoring voices to create pure vehicles of expression.

Pattie Kelly is a professional singer, and founder of the Sensible Vocal Training studio. She has been performing and teaching in the greater Toronto area for over 35 years.

"We build instruments - voices. Sturdy, expressive, flexible and agile. The vocal students learn how to build, excercise and strengthen the vocal muscles. They also learn the craft and the art of singing. Therefore, we offer vocal lessons to build instruments which are capable of "playing" any type or genre of music. The performer possesses the sensibilities, the temperament and the inclination to sing certain types of music. If their instrument is in good working order, there is no barrier between what the artist desires to sing and how their voice can serve them. The voice should be a pure vehicle for expression. That's what we do at Senslble Vocal Training!"

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