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A highly-skilled vocal instructor who will work with you to take command of your instrument, no matter your level of experience.

I am a professional singer who has been performing and teaching in the greater Toronto area for over 35 years. My educational background includes a Masters Degree in Musicology and Performance from Indiana University’s School of Music. During my professional career I have performed and recorded with some of the finest vocal ensembles including: Tafelmusik Chamber Choir, Pax Christi Chorale, Elora Festival Singers, Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, Toronto Consort and Opera Atelier.

Throughout my years as a teacher I have prepared many students for auditions, performances and recording sessions. I have served on the faculty of the prestigious Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto, and have been invited to assist and coach many choirs and ensembles The Echo Women’s Choir, The University Settlement Music and Arts School Chamber Choir and, The Over Tones (a women’s ‘barbershop chorus’ based in Guelph) and Plamen, a Canadian-Slovenian Women's Vocal Group.

The potential of the human voice is vast. Its allure compelled me to investigate and explore historical vocal practices as well as styles of singing unique to various kinds of world music today. What I discovered were exhilarating examples of vocal performances and traditions which illustrated the immense power, diversity, agility and depth of the human voice. This discovery suggested to me that the level of singing in our society today has not yet reached standards of singing which we are imminently capable of achieving and to which we should aspire.

My teaching methods and philosophy are based largely on the work of Cornelius L. Reid of New York City, of whom I was a student and protégé since 1989. Mr. Reid, who passed away in February 2008, was an internationally renowned singing teacher and author whose work reveals a functional and organic world of singing.

Being a good teacher also means sharing your knowledge with students and training them to become good teachers themselves. Many long-time students have gone on to successful teaching careers, furthering the ideals of Sensible Vocal Training.

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