What is Sensible Vocal Training?

Reveal your voice. More musical. More powerful. More expressive.

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Regardless of age or experience, Sensible Vocal Training seeks to condition or recondition the muscles through appropriate exercise.

The vocal muscles can be freed from the snares of bad coordination, constriction or imbalances between the vocal registers. The result is a voice that is more functional and responsive; a voice that is unimpeded by bad habits or misconceptions; a voice that becomes what it should be - a pure vehicle for expression.

A common myth in our society suggests that one needs to be born with innate musicality or a perfect instrument in order to sing. We all (men and women alike) have the same equipment in our throats. Granted, everyone's vocal muscles will vary in terms of fitness, and people's temperaments and natural musical abilities will vary also. Sensible Vocal Training endows us with the means and the tools necessary to build, rebuild or restore our vocal instrument.

If you desire to sing or wish to improve your singing, you should earnestly invest in this training. You will learn how to sing. You will learn to sing well. You will revolutionize your instrument and be in possession of a voice that you can absolutely depend on and completely enjoy. Very Sensible!

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