Student Testimonials

Reveal your voice. More musical. More powerful. More expressive.


My students range from amateur enthusiasts involved in community choirs and ensembles, to active professional performers and recording artists in the areas of pop, jazz, rock, classical and opera. Here are some testimonials on what Sensible Vocal Training has meant for them:

“Pattie Kelly has an intrinsic understanding of vocal mechanics that allows anyone to overcome their technical challenges. More importantly, it is her passion for ‘voice’ in all of its facets – artistic, psychological, emotional – that teaches you about yourself as a human being and as an artist. It takes a special kind of teacher to develop artistry by nurturing strength from vulnerability, and Pattie is one of those rare few.” - George Civello

“I had been dealing with extreme allergies for 3 years. My endless coughing and congestion truly affected my abilities to sing well. A chance meeting with a musician friend of mine on her way home from a vocal lesson with Pattie Kelly changed my life. Pattie has helped me immensely to regain my vocal strength and has taught me new techniques that makes singing far less stressful and daunting. Her lessons are professional and my weekly sessions with her are both informative and fun.” - James Clark

“A few years ago, an illness left my voice weak and atrophied. Since working with Pattie, my voice is stronger than it ever has been and I experience easier vocal coordination. Without the stressful effort that I would use to make a certain sound, I now allow a more natural process to dictate the energies required. I highly recommend Pattie not only for her expertise in vocal instruction but also for her sensitivity and her sense of humour.” - Robert Doze

“Her vast knowledge, friendly demeanor, familiar studio atmosphere and frequent master classes welcome students of any level or experience, and ensure all an honest investment in their vocal health and progress.” - Melissa Haggart

“Pattie is as special a person as she is a teacher. Being with her is a joy and each week I am grateful she has come into my life.”  - Michael Holt

"After studying singing with a number of different voice teachers over the years, a friend recommended Pattie. It has been less than a year studying with her. I am in awe of her deep understanding of the human voice, and in particular how she understands my voice. Every teacher has told me I'm really a tenor, but I've always had a baritone range - until now. My voice, under Pattie's careful guidance is stronger, more buoyant and flexible and I'm singing notes I never dreamed I would ever sing. Best of all I get to continue my singing journey with Pattie Kelly as my cheerleader and guide." - Robbie Norquay

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